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Case Study: Quantifying The Reduction In VR CyberSickness due to copernic360

by Kagenova / StoryFutures / Dr Elisa Ferre

StoryFutures Creative Cluster

R&D On Demand

Today’s 360 VR experiences support what is called 3 degree-of-freedom (3 DOF) rotational motion, where the user can look around but they cannot move. To allow the user to move about in the scene, 6 DOF motion must be supported. 6 DOF motion includes 3 DOF from rotational motion (looking about) and 3 DOF from position motion(moving about). Kagenova has developed copernic360 to solve this problem. copernic360 provides the missing component, bringing new life to existing 360 ̊ VR content by retrofitting it with6 DOF to exploit the capabilities of the latest hardware. A research study was performed in collaboration with Dr Elisa Ferre of the Department of Psychology at Royal Holloway University. Dr Ferre is a leading expert in vestibular neuroscience wtih over 10 years of experience in the field. Participants were tested for cyber motion sickness both for standard 360° VR and then with copernic360.



Kagenova continuing our collaboration with Dr Elisa Ferre at Royal Holloway, University of London. Since starting their project with StoryFutures Kagenova have since been selected for the Createch ‘Ones to Watch’ 2020which was showcased digitally this year. Kagenova hope to develop further collaborations with StoryFutures and the wider network in the Gateway Cluster.